Mother’s Day Poem, On Her Day

This is a poem I wrote a few weeks ago, which honors mothers.  No one else could do what they do.


The Heart Remembering


Mother’s Day is drawing near,

The saddest day of every year.

I lost my mom two decades ago

And the loss still pains me so.


Time heals all wounds, they often say—

The words ring false, I remember the day

I last told my mom “I love you.”

Now memories will have to do—

No smiles like I matter most,

Hugs hello, sugar butter on toast,

No wear a sweater, it’s cold out there!

Do you live in a barn, I almost swear!

Here’s a quarter, call me if you need a ride home.

Did you sleep on your head? Here’s a comb.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

Walk away from any fight.

We’re going to learn our prayers.

Mind your own affairs.

Sing loud enough for Grandpa to hear.

This is going to be your year.

I love you.


I love you, too.


About maryjocee

Mary Jo Caffrey retired from the Air Force and lives in Gretna with her husband Larry, also a retired “lifer.” They live with a two little dogs and four parrots. Mary Jo is a native Nebraskan with a degree from Kearney State College and has experience teaching combat crew procedures to STRATCOM aircrews and English to middle school students. Guess which was the easier job. Mary has been writing forever, but got serious about it after editing a family memoirs book a couple years ago. Her specialties are poems, short stories, and a quirky novel under umpteenth revision . Mary Jo is a member of the Nebraska Writer’s Workshop and the Nebraska Writers’ Guild.
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2 Responses to Mother’s Day Poem, On Her Day

  1. Poignant…and still manages to put a smile on my face. Those are such “Mom” statements and I love every one of them. So terribly sorry for the loss of your wonderful mother.

    • maryjocee says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Jill. Thankfully, there are a lot of women cut from the same cloth, out there making homes in every circumstance, for children who blossom with love.

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