Monkey Babel, A Poem For Modern Times

Monkey Babel


Monkeys are hilarious,

tree-mountaineers extraordinare

and banana-peelers with greatest flare.


EEE–OOOHHH! EEE-OOOHHH! EE! EE! EEEE!  That cry from high up in the canopy brings to mind leopard-thonged Tarzan swinging through the trees and looking for a mate with Maureen O’Sullivan eyes. 


There are few animals so like us!

That furry, happy almost-person face

smiles and grins just like me. 

Does it notice any resemblance?


Why do I feel like a missing link and how come the monkeys are always more photogenic, while I have to hide behind a chest-high child to look good?


Monkeys see and monkeys do seem

like people in fuzzy coats

while we walk around unpelted,

with dissimulated tails.


It must be a geneticly ingrained junglely thing that makes me want a banana right now and a prehensile appendage to hold it gently while I peel.  Once that creamy sweet treat slid down, I’d sing a happy song:




About maryjocee

Mary Jo Caffrey retired from the Air Force and lives in Gretna with her husband Larry, also a retired “lifer.” They live with a two little dogs and four parrots. Mary Jo is a native Nebraskan with a degree from Kearney State College and has experience teaching combat crew procedures to STRATCOM aircrews and English to middle school students. Guess which was the easier job. Mary has been writing forever, but got serious about it after editing a family memoirs book a couple years ago. Her specialties are poems, short stories, and a quirky novel under umpteenth revision . Mary Jo is a member of the Nebraska Writer’s Workshop and the Nebraska Writers’ Guild.
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