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Mary Jo Caffrey retired from the Air Force and lives in Gretna with her husband Larry, also a retired “lifer.” They live with a two little dogs and four parrots. Mary Jo is a native Nebraskan with a degree from Kearney State College and has experience teaching combat crew procedures to STRATCOM aircrews and English to middle school students. Guess which was the easier job. Mary has been writing forever, but got serious about it after editing a family memoirs book a couple years ago. Her specialties are poems, short stories, and a quirky novel under umpteenth revision . Mary Jo is a member of the Nebraska Writer’s Workshop and the Nebraska Writers’ Guild.

The Poet’s Week in Retrospect, A Poem for These Eventful Times

The Poet’s Week in Retrospect   Sometimes the wake-up call is a tsunami, roaring over loose thoughts like a towering wave, or the truth tugging at a pony tail, the briefest nibble soon tresses caught in a killer whale bite … Continue reading

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What Is To Be Done?

Originally posted on Backyard and Beyond:
Here at the Thoreau Meeting, Sunday’s as good as any other day for a sermon. We have no one to blame but ourselves when it comes to the corruption of our public institutions, as…

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Monkey Babel, A Poem For Modern Times

Monkey Babel   Monkeys are hilarious, tree-mountaineers extraordinare and banana-peelers with greatest flare.   EEE–OOOHHH! EEE-OOOHHH! EE! EE! EEEE!  That cry from high up in the canopy brings to mind leopard-thonged Tarzan swinging through the trees and looking for a … Continue reading

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Solving the US Postal Service Problem in a Consumer-Friendly Way

This isn’t a poem, but a letter I wrote to the editors of local newspapers, who ignored it.  That makes this letter prime grist for this blog.  It’s all in fun,or is it?   A Modest Postal Proposal As you … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Poem, On Her Day

This is a poem I wrote a few weeks ago, which honors mothers.  No one else could do what they do.   The Heart Remembering   Mother’s Day is drawing near, The saddest day of every year. I lost my … Continue reading

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Mother-Related Poems in Honor of Their Big Day Coming Up

Here is an irreverent poem, inspired by an old Friends episode about an ugly baby.  Here’s mine.     The Ugly Baby  The ugly baby has a face Frankenstein might like, certainly not a mother, unless it’s a mother mole … Continue reading

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A Poem on the Occasion of Rhonda’s Birthday

It is my friend’s birthday today.  Rhonda is a delight to know and a person to treasure for all her extraordinary talents and skills.  Humor rocks her works, tempered with kindness, pathos, and keen observations of life. In honor of … Continue reading

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